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April 2014, Volume 107, Issue 8


Graphing Inequalities, Connecting Meaning
J. Matt Switzer
The trichotomy property and order relation symbols show the Cartesian plane divided into three regions, as students connect tabular and graphical representations of functions.

Racing Ratios
Michael D. Hardy
Using scale models of cars generates a need for unit conversion within realistic contexts.

Supplementary customizable activities for Racing Ratios (Word)

Not So Complex: Iteration in the Complex Plane
Robin S. O’Dell
Graphing orbits using linear iteration rules inspires enjoyment and artistry.

Iterating complex number multiplication using Excel spreadsheets (PDF)

Investigating Home Primes and Their Families- FREE PREVIEW!
Marlena Herman and Jay Schiffman
The process of prime factor splicing to generate home primes raises opportunity for conjecture and exploration.

The Circle Approach to Trigonometry
Kevin C. Moore and Kevin R. LaForest
A connected introduction of angle measure and the sine function entails quantitative reasoning.

Calculator Programming Engages Visual and Kinesthetic Learners
Catherine Tabor
A programming activity helps students give meaning to the abstract concept of slope.