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May 1999, Volume 92, Issue 5


Build a Sierpinski Pyramid
Paul Kelley
Students from Anoka High School, located in Anoka, Minnesota, built a nineteen-foot-tall Sierpinski pyramid in the Minneapolis Convention Center in conjunction with the NCTM's 75th Annual Meeting in April 1997. This activity was part of a unit on fractal geometry.

A Survey on the Use of Writing-to-Learn in Mathematics Classes
Jennifer Silver
A recent survey of mathematics teachers in New York (Silver 1997) furnishes information that may trouble or encourage educators, depending on their views of how mathematics should be taught. The 117 respondents to this survey teach at all levels and are all members of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM).

Math-Abused Students: Are We Prepared to Teach Them?
Greg Fiore
This article deals with students whose math anxiety resulted from past verbal or physical abuse, in particular, abuse by a teacher or parent while doing mathematics. Let us define math abuse as any negative experience related to an individual's doing mathematics.

Exploring the Birthday Problem with Spreadsheets
Lawrence Lesser
The "birthday problem" is one of several examples (Shaughnessy 1977, 1992) that illustrate students' tendency to underestimate the probability of an event's occurring at least once.


Reader Reflections
Reader Reflections - May 1999

Activities (for students)
Activities for Students: Foam Images

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Media Clips - May 1999

Calendar Problems
Calendar - May 1999

Sharing Teaching Ideas
Sharing Teaching Ideas: The Rules of the Game

Connecting Research to Teaching
Understanding Algebraic Notation From the Students' Perspective

Classy Tips
Classy Tips -May 1999

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Technology Tips - May 1999

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For Your Information: Publications - May 1999

For your Information/Products/Publications
For Your Information: Products - May 1999

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