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May 2006, Volume 99, Issue 9


Is Central Park Warming?
Christine Franklin, Madhuri Mulekar
Article discusses an activity that involves the use of simulation for decision-making. Article discusses a comparison of simulation results and mathematically derived results. Includes questions frequently asked by students with suggested responses.

Rotations of the Regular Polyhedra
MaryClara Jones, Hortensia Soto-Johnson
Article discusses the rotational symmetries of the regular polyhedra. Aticle provides insight into determining the number of rotational symmetries of each polyhedron and the relationships between polyhedra duels. Includes illustrations and rationale for presenting this material at the secondary level.

The Human Body’s Built-In Range Finder: The Thumb Method of Indirect Distance Measurement
Michael Wong
Finding distances indirectly. Article discusses a fun challenge from puzzling over an old, seemingly magical distance measurement technique. Includes illustrations and gemetric background revealing how the technique works.

Key Ideas and Insights in the Context of Three High School Geometry Proofs
Manya Raman, Keith Weber
How the concept of "key idea" can be used in high school geometry. Article discusses connecting students' intuitive informal arguments with rigorous formal mathematical proofs. Includes three examples.

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