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May 2007, Volume 100, Issue 9


President's Choice: Sound Off! Four Teacher-Friendly Postulates for Thriving in a Sea of Change
Steven Leinwand
Cathy Seeley reviews an article by Steven Leinwand from 1994 which is reprinted. He discusses the changes math teachers face in curriculum and instruction. Soundoffs are Mathematics Teacher's version of an op-ed, an opinion written by someone not affiliated with the editorial panel. Soundoffs are a regular department in Mathematics Teacher, where the author advocates a point of view about some aspect of the teaching or learning of mathematics.

President's Choice: Something for Everyone
Max A. Sobel
Max A. Sobel attempts to choose a favorite Mathematics Teacher article of all time and concludes that the current issue is always his favorite.

Making the Most of Digital Imagery
Brian Sharp
Ways in which digital imagery can be used with the graphing calculator to enhance mathematics instruction. Students took item pictures and applied graphs to find slope and equations. Included sample application graphs with a bridge, water fountain, and a painting.

Discovering the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
Sheldon Gordon, Florence Gordon
The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus is discovered based on the use of data analysis techniques applied to a variety of common families of functions. Algebra is used to fit functions and prove the relationship to the FTC.

Building Personalized Interactive Computer-Based Nonlinear Algebra Tutorials
Ronald McPherson, Velma Tyson
Lesson plans that use downloadable spreadsheet tools that relate symbolic and graphical representations of functions. Instructions and a template allow readers to create personalized tools without programming. Four activities are ready for algebra teachers to use with differentiated groups.

Ancient Egyptians and Russian Peasants Foretell the Digital Age
D. N. Seppala-Holtzman
The "Ancient Egyptian" and "Russian Peasant" multiplication schemes and shows that they both use base two to reach the same algorithm. Teachers of algebra or other maths may engage students in developing the proofs and equivalent algorithms given.

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