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May 2008, Volume 101, Issue 9


Deep Thoughts on the River Crossing Game
Dan Canada, Dave Goering
A game of chance and some lines of thinking about winning strategies. Also highlights properties of the game that are counter-intuitive and sure to challenge the thinking of teachers and students alike. Includes sample scenarios and an appendix providing proof of game probabilities. Interactive Fathom software is used to simulate rolls of dice and analysis of game play.

The Power of Investigative Calculus Projects
John Perrin, Robert Quinn
Investigative calculus projects in which students explore a question or problem of their own construction. Three exemplary pieces of student work are showcased. Investigative topics emerged from student discussion and text problem posing. Students worked independently to explore questions outside of the customary AP Calculus curriculum.

Why Aren't They Called Probability Intervals?
Thomas Devlin
Suggestions for teaching confidence intervals to avoid misinterpretation by beginning students. The historical perspective, given by their inventor, is supported with examples and the use of technology. Includes a seldom discussed situation for presenting confidence intervals.