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May 2009, Volume 102, Issue 9


Parabolas under Pressure
Seán Madden
The author and his Algebra 1 students explore the quadratic behavior behind the parabolic shape of fountains at the local family splash park. In this hands-on discovery project, students gathered data on and used graphing calculators to analysis of the beautiful symmetry of these fountains. This experience served as a capstone project for a unit on quadratic equations.

Designing a WebQuest
Annette Salsovic
A WebQuest is an inquiry-based lesson plan that uses the Internet. The article explains what a WebQuest is, shows how to create one, and provides an example.

Using CAS to Solve Classical Mathematics Problems
Maurice Burke, Elizabeth Burroughs
Historically, the calculus has displaced many algebraic methods for solving classical problems. This article illustrates how classroom use of a Computer Algebra System can enable teachers to connect these historical methods to the precalculus curriculum.

Cookies and Pi
Michael Dempsey
If students are in an advanced mathematics class, then at some point they enjoyed mathematics and looked forward to learning and practicing it. There is no reason that this passion and enjoyment should ever be lost because the subject becomes more difficult or rigorous.

Walking a Radian
Ayana Touval
Kinesthetic explorations of the radian in a classroom setting help students internalize the concept.

Author Guidelines for Mathematics Teacher

Writing about your work and getting published can be a rewarding personal and professional development experience. Following are author guidelines formulated by the MT Editorial Panel.

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