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May 2010, Volume 103, Issue 9


Doubling Time for Nonexponential Families of Functions
Sheldon P. Gordon
The notions of doubling time and half-life are investigated for families of functions other than exponential, including linear, power, logarithmic, trigonometric, and logistic

Using Portfolio Assignments to Assess Students’ Mathematical Thinking
Timothy Fukawa-Connelly, Stephen Buck
A model in use at Prospect Hill Academy in Cambridge, Massachusetts, provides a skills-based portfolio assessment for mathematics classes.

Docfish: A Card Game with Factoring
Daniel M. Fishman
In this variation of the well-known card game Go Fish, players seek to pair prime factors contained within the cards’ face values.

Collaborative Planning for a Unit on the Quadratic Formula
Usha Kotelawala
Conversations among three high school teachers as they plan a unit on deriving the quadratic formula allow them to share ideas and reflect on their teaching struggles and successes.

Bridging Algebra and Geometry with n-gram Proofs
Joshua D. Craven
With the help of hint cards, students formulate and prove conjectures angle measures, first for pentagrams and then for hexagrams, heptagrams, and general n-grams.