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May 2011, Volume 104, Issue 9


Back to Treasure Island
Atara Shriki
Trying to find where pirates buried a treasure leads to a surprising answer, multiple solutions, and a discussion of problem solving.

Pirates of the Parametric
Seán P. Madden and Dean Allison
Students use graphing technology to verify that the vertices of a family of parabolic trajectories trace an ellipse.

Exposing the Mathematical Wizard: Approximating Trigonometric Functions
Sheldon P. Gordon
Draw back the curtain on button pushing and see how polynomials can approximate sinusoidal functions.

Related extensions of the investigations (PDF)

Proofs without Words: A Visual Application of Reasoning and Proof
Carol J. Bell
Illustrating mathematical statements through the use of pictures—proofs without words—can help students develop their understanding of mathematical proof.

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Mathematics Teacher Classified Index Volume 104, August 2010–May 2011