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May 2013, Volume 106, Issue 9


Prepare for More Realistic Test Results- FREE PREVIEW!
Matthew R. Larson and Steven Leinwand
The potential drop in reported state proficiency rates when the new CCSSM assessments are implemented will require adjusted expectations.

Graphing Polar Curves
Jonathan F. Lawes
Graphing the polar function on a rectangular plane simplifies graphing, increases student understanding, and reinforces connections.

Exploring Logarithms with a Ruler
Elliott Ostler
Processes using linear measurement can be adapted to teach complex topics such as polynomial multiplication, rational exponents, and logarithms.

Counterexamples as Starting Points for Reasoning and Sense Making- FREE PREVIEW!
David A. Yopp
Asked to “fix” a false conjecture, students combine their reasoning and observations about absolute value inequalities, signed numbers, and distance to write true mathematical statements.

Derivative of Area Equals Perimeter—Coincidence or Rule?
Rina Zazkis, Ilya Sinitsky, and Roza Leikin
A familiar relationship—the derivative of the area of a circle equals its circumference—is extended to other shapes and solids.

Classified Index- FREE PREVIEW!
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Volume 106, August 2012—May 2013