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May 2014, Volume 107, Issue 9


Principles to Actions: Mathematics Programs as the Core for Student Learning
Daniel Brahier, Steve Leinwand, and DeAnn Huinker
The authors suggest practical adjustments to curricular and assessment practices at the secondary school level that can help with implementing the Common Core State Standards.

Technology-Enhanced Discovery
Chris Harrow and Lillian Chin
Tracking the foci of conic sections reveals a surprising locus.

Multiple Representations and Connections with the Sierpinski Triangle- FREE PREVIEW!
J. Vince Kirwan and Jennifer M. Tobias
A task using multiple representations helps students write explicit algebraic equations.

Authenticity of Mathematical Modeling
Dung Tran and Barbara J. Dougherty
The choice and context of authentic problems—such as designing a staircase or a soda can—illustrate the modeling process in several stages.

Equivalent Expressions Using CAS and Paper-and-Pencil Techniques
Nicole L. Fonger
Designing activities to reconcile multiple representations supports students’ focus and fluency.

Thanks from the Editorial Panel

An annual listing of all the volunteers who serve as reviewers and referees for MT.

Classified Index, Volume 107- FREE PREVIEW!
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Volume 107, August 2013—May 2014