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August 2004, Volume 98, Issue 1


Building Mathematical Maturity in Calculus: Teaching Implicit Differentiation through a Review of Functions
Angela Hare, Doug Phillippy
Identifies characteristics of mathematically maturity at the calculus level and provides a project focusing on implicit differentiation that is designed to build students' mathematical maturity by helping them connect calculus concepts with prerequisite material. Gives prelesson assignment and lesson outline with examples of student responses that indicate weak understanding of problems and their probable reasoning. Solutions are included.

Using Proportional Reasoning to Solve Geometric Problems
Eric Pandiscio
The proportional nature of geometric work, and the ways in which proportional reasoning can be employed as a generalized problem-solving tool. A geometric construction is presented for students to solve. The author gives reasoning via proof and proportions and provides extension activities.

Motivating Activities That Lead to Algebra
Ramakrishnan Menon
Activities with puzzles and algebraic patterns are used to motivate students to learn algebra and assist understanding for preservice teachers and students. Included are directions and student work for the constant sum grid, Fibonacci sequence, predict your age, and target 21 games.