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August 2009, Volume 103, Issue 1


The Problem with the Snack Food Problem
Stephen Szydlik
Solving systems of linear equations when using real data can present surprising challenges.

Modern Geometric Algebra: A (Very Incomplete!) Survey
Jeff Suzuki
Representing products as rectangles can be used to introduce, connect, and reinforce concepts across mathematics.

How Sample Size Affects a Sampling Distribution
Madhuri Mulekar, Murray Siegel
To understand inference, students must understand sampling distributions. Using simulations can help.

An Intriguing Exponential Inequality
John Perrin
An algebra problem with a graphical solution challenges precalculus and calculus students to determine an analytical solution.

Three Ways to Break a Stick
Thomas Bannon
The classic problem of finding three ways to find the probability that the pieces of a stick randomly broken in two places will form a triangle is analyzed anew.