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August 2010, Volume 104, Issue 1


The Mathematics of Garlic
Nathan T. Moore and John C. Deming
More than vegetables—proportional reasoning skills and an understanding of sophisticated statistical concepts—can grow from a backyard plot.

Transforming the Way We Teach Function Transformations
Eileen Durand Faulkenberry and Thomas J. Faulkenberry
Using transparencies helps students learn function transformations—through understanding, not memorization.

Alternative Approaches to Traditional Topics in Algebra
John W. Coburn
These new approaches to algebra, although atypical, can bring unreachable students into the classroom mix.

More problems for students (PDF)

Cosby’s Rule: Connecting Summation Operations, Definite Integrals, and the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
Margaret H. Sloan
What happened when a student in an AP Calculus class in a small school in rural Georgia discovered a way to bypass some laborious computations.

Funny Face Contest: A Formative Assessment
Yong S. Colen
Algebra students create their own funny faces onscreen after studying several parent functions and their transformations.

More funny faces created by students (PDF)