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August 2013, Volume 107, Issue 1


Modeling Fuel Efficiency: MPG or GPHM?
Kevin G. Bartkovich
The EPA’s switch in rating fuel efficiency from miles per gallon to gallons per hundred miles with the 2013 model-year cars leads to interesting and relevant mathematics with real-world connections.

Appendix to Modeling Fuel Efficiency: Calculating the CAFE Standard (PDF)
Modeling Fuel Efficiency: Customizable Figure 1 Problem Set (Word)

For ELLs: Vocabulary beyond the Definitions- FREE PREVIEW!
Nancy S. Roberts and Mary P. Truxaw
A classroom teacher discusses ambiguities in mathematics vocabulary and strategies for ELL students in building understanding.

Learning with Calculator Games
Bruce Frahm
Four graphing calculator games to entice your students to learn mathematics.

Learning with Calculator Games: Codes for TI and Casio (zip)
Learning with Calculator Games: Customizable activity sheets (Word)

Applications in Digital Image Processing
Jason Silverman, Gail L. Rosen, and Steve Essinger
Use digital signal processing to capitalize on an exciting intersection of mathematics and popular culture.

Improving Student Reasoning in Geometry
Bobson Wong and Larisa Bukalov
Parallel geometry tasks with four levels of complexity involve students in writing and understanding proof.