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September 2002, Volume 95, Issue 6


Letter from India: Secondary School Mathematics in Goa
Robert Case
This article, the result of a visit to India, describes the unusually high quality of mathematics education in secondary schools in the state of Goa.

Discuss with Your Colleagues: Misinterpretations Can Sometimes Be a Good Thing
Martin Bonsangue, Gerald Gannon, Laura Pheifer
How the misinterpretation of a problem can lead to a rich experience in problem solving.

Electricians Need Algebra, Too
Richard Hill
Electricians are highly-paid skilled tradesmen, mostly high school graduates, who need algebra skills. This article examines some of the skills they need, why they need them, and how their trainers balance skills, applications, conceptual understanding, and calculator usage.

The Algebra of the Cumulative Percent Operation
Andrew Berry
The Cumulative Percent operation