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September 2003, Volume 96, Issue 6


Teaching with Technology: Dynamic Visualization and Proof: A New Approach to a Classic Problem
Daniel Scher
To date, there have been many advanced proofs of George Gamow's classic buried-treasure problem. How the use of interactive geometry software contributes to a novel proof that depends only on elementary geometry.

Using Bloom's Taxonomy as a Framework for Classroom Assessment
Signe Kastberg
How Bloom's taxonomy can be used as a framework to analyze and revise assessments.

Teaching with Technology: Using FreeCell to Teach Mathematics
Paul Baker
Various ways that the computer game FreeCell can be used to teach mathematical concepts.

Teaching Beginning Courses: Flower Power: Creating an Engaging Modeling Problem to Motivate Mathematics Students at an Alternative School
Karen Koellner-Clark, Janice Newton
How a modeling problem, Flower Power, engaged high school students from an alternative school to consider a variety of solutions, make real-life connections, and see the utility of mathematics.

How to Solve Any Triangle: First, Forget the Law of Sines and the Law of Cosines
Lin McMullin
Elegant and beautiful as they may be, many of the formulas and techniques invented to make computations by hand easier are no longer needed. This article looks at two mainstays of the trigonometry curriculum, which thanks to Computer Algebra Systems, can be retired.