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September 2005, Volume 99, Issue 2


Geometry of Transformations: Teacher and Unit Under Construction
Shelly Harkness
A description of the author's journey as she revised a geometry unit for prealgebra and general mathematics classes to reflect her changing beliefs and practices about learning and teaching mathematics. Student input on a unit of geometric transformations led to a transformation in the author's beliefs about teaching.

Exploring the Integral of 1 t
Jim Sobczyk
An activity that helps students understand the relationship between the integral of 1/t and the natural logarithmic or exponential functions. Graphing calculators are used to explore many aspects of these functions.

Quilt Blocks: Writing in the Geometry Classroom
Timothy Thomas, Michelle Gibson
Students can acquire a greater understanding of triangle congruence through this hands-on-activity: constructing a quilt pattern and writing its description for a catalogue. Ultimately, student writers become conversant about the technical geometric jargon.

Partitioning the Interior of a Circle with Chords
Dennis Parker
A variety of patterns and mathematical tools used to explore Moser's circle problem. Moser's circle problem is rich with connections to Pascal's Triangle, combinations, Euler's Formula, and Finite Differences and many geometric patterns.