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September 2006, Volume 100, Issue 2


Poles, Parking Lots, and Mount Piton: Classroom Activities that Combine Astronomy, History, and Mathematics
Seán Madden, Jocelyn Comstock, James Downing
How a series of lessons might be used to allow students to discover the size of the Earth, the distance to the Moon, the size of the Moon, and the altitude of Mount Piton on the Moon. Measurement with a sextant, principles of geometry and trigonometry, and historically important scientists and mathematicians are discussed.

Sharing Teaching Ideas: Demystifying Systems
Sybrina King
A multi-day introductory lesson on linear systems in two variables that utilizes kinesthetic and technology-based activities to create mathematical connections to the methods of graphing, substitution, and linear combination.

Con-fusing Pairs: An Intriguing Investigation of LCMs
Curtis Bennett, Mary DeYoung, James Rutledge, Elaine Young
This article shares investigation possibilities that lie within familiar concepts of greatest common factor and least common multiple. Includes investigations on fused LCMs done with preservice teachers.

M&M's, Rhinos, Cockroaches, and Cooperative Learning in Mathematics Classrooms
Laurie Rubel
This article describes a unique approach to teacher education about cooperative learning in mathematics classrooms. Describes a hands-on lesson using cooperative learning to teach exponential growth and decay.