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September 2012, Volume 106, Issue 2


Three-Dimensional Printing: A Journey in Visualization
Adam Poetzel, Joseph Muskin, Anne Munroe, and Craig Russell
Using simple materials, a Mathematica software application, and their knowledge of function transformations, students design and create real mathematical sculptures.

Core Conversations with Educative Dragging
Jeffrey J. Wanko, Michael Todd Edwards, and Steve Phelps
The Measure-Trace-Algebratize (MTA) approach allows students to uncover algebraic relationships within familiar geometric objects.

A Surprisingly Radical Problem- FREE PREVIEW!
Sarah D. Ledford, Mary L. Garner, and Angela L. Teachey
Interesting solutions and ideas emerge when preservice and in-service teachers are asked a traditional algebra question in new ways.

Fielding an After-School Mathematics Lab
Christina M. Punches-Guntsch and Erin N. Kenney
Teachers in an urban high school design a learning environment for at-risk mathematics students.

Empirical Approaches to the Birthday Problem
Alfinio Flores and Kevin M. Cauto
Experiments with random numbers give a new twist to this familiar problem.