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September 2013, Volume 107, Issue 2


Are All Infinities Created Equal?
Teo J. Paoletti
This historical—and classroom friendly—approach to the concept of infinity uses Cantor’s proofs of cardinality.

Adding a New Dimension to Algebra
Sheldon P. Gordon
The idea of a function of several variables—important in other disciplines—can be introduced in secondary school mathematics courses.

A fuller explanation of the Curriculum Foundations Project (PDF)

The Geoboard Triangle Quest- FREE PREVIEW!
Kasi C. Allen
A student question and the process it generates demonstrate the importance of student-initiated tasks in implementing the SMP in the Common Core Standards.

“I Need More Information!”
Christine P. Trinter and Joe Garofalo
If students suspect that a problem is solvable, they will persevere in their efforts to analyze and solve it.

Exploring Function Transformations Using the Common Core
Becky Hall and Rich Giacin
Tying your teaching approach to the Common Core Standard for Geometry and Congruence will help students understand why functions behave as they do.