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January 2001, Volume 6, Issue 5


Bad Jokes Make Good Mathematics
Alan, Lipp
An old joke used to develop a new approach to a wide variety of traditional weighted-average algebra word problems.

Using Students' Work as a Lens on Algebraic Thinking
Mark Driscoll and John Moyer
Students' work serves as a tool to help teachers gain a deeper understanding of algebraic thinking and to improve instruction. 

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Using Attribute Blocks to Develop a Conceptual Understanding of Probability
Robert J., Quinn
Activities using attribute blocks to help middle school students construct knowledge about, and develop conceptual understanding of, probability.

Using Models to Build an Understanding of Functions
Kathleen, Cramer
How to plan and organize instruction to help students understand the function concept and to make the mathematics explicit.  Linear, quadratic, and exponential functions are explored through use of manipulatives and data collection. Includes activity sheets.

Unpacking the Nature of Discourse in Mathematics Classrooms
Eric, Knuth; Dominic, Peressini
The role and types of discourse that emerge as students solve a mathematical task. A framework is provided for examining discourse, and vignettes illustrate distinctions between univocal and dialogic approaches.