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January 2002, Volume 7, Issue 5


Assessment in Action: Mrs. Grant's Measurement Unit
Diana F. Steele
How a teacher integrates assessment in every aspect of instruction. Highlights a unit on linear measurement.

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Exploring Functions with Dynamic Physical Models
Ellen Hines
Middle school students' use of dynamic physical models to interpret functions. Students' creation of symbolic variables and function equations is included.

Probability on a Budget
William A. Ewbank and John L. Ginther
Common dice numbered 1 to 6 are useful for simple mathematical situations including probability. But if faces like 1, 1, 3, 5, 5, 6 were substituted, the probability with two different dice changes. Includes a cut out for creating Paper Cubes.

Fibonacci: Beautiful Patterns, Beautiful Mathematics
Catherine B. Miller and Tamara B. Veenstra
Using examples from nature to introduce the Fibonacci sequence and then describing some fascinating mathematical patterns, using multiples and GCFs, that exist among these numbers. Three activity sheets, with solutions, are included.

Eleven: The First Uninteresting Number?
Eli Maor
Some known and lesser-known features of the number 11.