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January 2003, Volume 8, Issue 5


Ratios of Linear, Area, and Volume Measures in Similar Solids
Stanley J. Hartzler
Article describes using Paper Balloon origami to help students discover the relationship between ratios of corresponding distance, area, and volume measures in similar solids. Directions for creating the Paper Balloon as well as activity directions included.

How Many Students Tall is the School Building?
Frances L. Stern
Article demonstrates an investigation of measurement and representative numbers that engages all levels of student ability. Activity directions and a grading rubric are provided.

The Versatile Magic Square
Gale A. Watson
Article demonstrates the transformations that are possible to construct a variety of magic squares, including modifications to challenge students from elementary grades through algebra.  An example of using magic squares with students who have special needs is also shared.

Interdisciplinary Projects Enhance Teaching and Learning
Jo Clay Olson
Article describes how the students' communities can provide context for integrating subjects and assessing student knowledge about data collection and analysis. The change of a teacher's practice is described through her reflections about student learning and reform documents.