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January 2005, Volume 10, Issue 5


Using Humor to Gain Mathematical Insight
George Gadanidis, Janette Gadanidis, Alyssa Huang
This article discusses the pleasure associated with mathematical humor and insight, with classroom examples from the middle grades. Teachers will learn how this approach is beneficial with middle-level students and how it can benefit mathematical understanding.

Celebrating 100 Years of Flight: Testing Wing Designs in Aircraft
David Pugalee, Chuck Nusinov, Chris Giersch, David Royster, Thomas Pinelli
An investigation involving several designs of airplane wings in trial flight simulations based on a NASA CONNECT program. Students' experiences with data collection and interpretation are highlighted. Teachers will learn about the activity and how to implement it in the mathematics classroom, integrating several different areas of mathematics.

Exploring Measurement Concepts through Literature: Natural Links across Disciplines
Richard Austin, Denisse Thompson, Charlene Beckmann
This article discusses various literary works containing measurement topics. Different books that integrate mathematics with other subject areas are introduced, and ways to pose problems for students to solve are provided in this article. Teachers will learn to use some of these literary works to create lessons and activities in the math classroom.

Using Ancient Egyption Fractions to Review Fraction Concepts
Thomas Edwards
This article describes one way of embedding remediation in the context of studying more advanced mathematical concepts. In the process of doing so, ways to foster mathematical argumentation and proof are also introduced. Teachers will learn about Egyptian fractions and how to use this activity to help their students master fractions.

Collaborating to Introduce Algebra
Frances Van Dyke, Jessica Tomback
This article describes a collaboration between a university professor and a sixth-grade teacher who teamed to introduce algebra using a visual approach. The project began with a study of qualitative graphs, moved on to quantitative graphs, then introduced tables of values and finally concentrated on equations. Teachers will learn how to effectively introduce algebra to their students before being placed in an algebra class.


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