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January 2006, Volume 11, Issue 5


How Does Your Doughnut Measure Up?
Paula Maida, Michael Maida
An activity in measurement and geometry in which sixth-grade students explore the volume and surface area of a donut. Through calculation, creative thinking, and discovery, the students enhanced their geometric vocabulary and reasoning. This articles includes student work, a lesson plan, and samples of activity sheets.

An Arithmetic Thinker Tackles Algebra
Alayne Armstrong
Working from Carolyn Kieran's categorization of "arithmetic" and "algebraic" thinkers, the article describes one eighth-grade "arithmetic" thinker's progress as she attempts to solve one- and two-step equations. Portions of interviews with the student are provided.

Using Creative Writing and Literature in Mathematics Classes
Cara Halpern, Pamela Halpern
How a mathematics teacher uses literature and creative writing in her ninth-grade classes to motivate, instruct, and assess her students. Activity sheet, rubric, and samples of student work are provided.

Keeping It Real: The Rationale for Using Manipulatives in the Middle Grades
Dana Freer Weiss
Examines research to explore whether the use of manipulatives is an effective tool in teaching mathematics concepts and reasoning to middle-grades students.


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Menu of Problems
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The Thinking of Students
The Thinking of Students: Bushel Problem

Mathematical Roots/Math Roots
Math Roots: Serving Up Sierpinski!

Window on Resources
Window on Resources - January 2006