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October 1999, Volume 5, Issue 2


Card Logic
David L. Pagni and Harris S. Shultz
Solve a card problem by exploring patterns that will lead to a logical solution.

Exploring Factor Sets with a Graphing Calculator
Arron Paul Eisen
Students investigate the symmetry of factor sets of composite numbers a graphing calculator.

Graphs in Real Time
Charlene E. Beckmann and Kara Rozanski
Using a motion detector, students experience the interplay between motion and its graphical representation. Several activities included.

International Perspectives: Active Learning of Mathematics
Jim Smith
This article, which appeared in the British journal Mathematics, discusses necessary components of active learning in the mathematics classroom.

Posing Problems: Two Classroom Examples
Shukkwan S. Leung and Rui-xiang Wu
Two examples illustrate the importance of posing problems properly.

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics: Revitalizing and Refocusing Our Efforts
Glenda Lappan
NCTM President's address from the 1999 annual meeting.