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October 2000, Volume 6, Issue 2


Clinching First Place: Calculating the Magic Number
Robert J., Quinn
Students apply their mathematical intuition to determine win-loss possibilities of teams in a sports league. Students develop a formula for calculating the magic number for clinching first place. Lesson plan included.

Linking Algebraic Concepts and Contexts: Every Picture Tells a Story
Susan D., Nickerson; Cheri, Nydam; Janet S., Bowers
Using SimCalc MathWorlds, downloaded from the World Wide Web, students engage in algebraic problem-solving activities. Software is used to animate characters by creating graphs of position and velocity.

Deciding When to Use Calculators
Anthony D., Thompson; Stephen L., Sproule
Authors develop a framework to help teachers decide when to use calculators with their students.

Gaining Insight into Students' Thinking through Assessment Tasks
Despina, Stylianou; Patricia Ann, Kenney; Edward A., Silver; Cengiz, Alacaci
Students' thinking about an open-ended NAEP task is examined through written and oral explanations.