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October 2001, Volume 7, Issue 2


Burgers, Graphs, and Combinations
Michael D. Hardy
Article recounts sixth graders' investigations of combinations and graph theory that arose from a claim made on a Steak 'n Shake menu. Several problems for use in class are provided.

Determining Probabilities by Examining Underlying Structure
Robert M. Norton
Three dice games pose fairness issues that appeal to students. The games are examined in a way that leads directly to the theoretical probabilities for all possible outcomes.

Making Connections with Prime Numbers
Arlene Yolles
Prime numbers and their connections to related topics.

Exploring, Inventing, and Discovering Mathematics: A Pedagogical Response to the TIMSS
Joseph G. R. Martinez
A three-step process – exploring, inventing, discovering – that helps students derive concepts actively from problem solving.