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October 2002, Volume 8, Issue 2


Investigating Prime Numbers and the Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search
Jeffrey J. Wanko and Christine Hartley Venable
Middle school students learn about patterns, formulas, and large numbers motivated by a search for the largest prime number. Activities included.

Teaching Geometry and Measurement through Literature
Sara Delano Moore and William P. Bintz
Using clusters of high-quality literature to support the teaching of key geometry and measurement ideas.

Middle-Level Students Learn Mathematics Using the U.S. Map
Hari P. Koirala and Phillip M. Goodwin
A week-long unit integrating mathematics with social studies using the United States map.

Using Student Contributions and Multiple Representations to Develop Mathematical Language
Beth A. Herbel-Eisenmann
A way to introduce and use mathematical language in mathematics classrooms that draws on multiple representations and student language.

Bullish on Mathematics: Using Stock Market Simulations to Enhance Learning
John K. Alsup and Donald J. Altmyer
Article describes how a stock market simulation can be an excellent tool for motivating students to learn real-world mathematics in a middle school classroom and details four activities that can accompany the simulation.