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October 2003, Volume 9, Issue 2


Portfolios and a Backward Approach to Assessment
Kristine L. Britton and Jennifer L. Johannes
Article describes the use of portfolios and a backward-design approach to standards-based assessment.

Fishy Fun under the Sun
Deborah A. Moore and Maria C. Schwarz
Article describes a week-long series of lessons that use real-world experiences and data to teach relationships between measurement and dimensions.

Intersecting and Perpendicular Lines: Activities to Prevent Misconception
Regina M. Mistretta
Article describes the learning outcomes of eighth-grade students after participating in activities focused on strengthening their understanding of intersecting and perpendicular lines. Activities utilize concept cards, modeling, and real-life applications.

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A New Lens on Teaching: Learning to Notice
Miriam Gamoran Sherin and Elizabeth A. van Es
Article presents the experiences of three teachers as they "learn to notice" classroom interactions. Reflective prompts are described to help readers consider new ways to notice what is happening in their own classrooms.

The Chinese Abacus: A Window into Standards-Based Pedagogy
Jerry A. Ameis
Article describes how Standards-based pedagogy that uses the Chinese abacus helps preservice teachers gain a better appreciation of mathematics and insight into what Standards-based pedagogy might look like.