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October 2004, Volume 10, Issue 3


A Chilling Project Integrating Mathematics, Science, and Technology
Susan Rodgers Schooler
A project that integrates mathematics, science, and technology in a setting that encourages creativity, problem solving, and divergent thinking. Activity guidelines, activity sheets, and sample student responses are provided to aid teachers in implementing this project in the mathematics classroom.

Two Students' Constructed Strategies to Divide Fractions
Marcela Perlwitz
This article illustrates the sophisticated thinking of two children while solving fraction problems.

The Art of Posing Problems and Guiding Investigations
Sharon Dugdale, James Matthews, Shannon Guerrero
A teacher's techniques and strategies for promoting productive discourse and supporting active learning in the mathematics classroom. Examples of productive problem solving communication are included in this article to help teachers understand how to communicate effectively with students to elicit good problem solving responses.


Readers Write
Readers Write - October 2004

Food for thought from Jay’s Diner
Ticket Sales

Menu of Problems
Menu of Problems - October 2004

The Thinking of Students
Midas Touch

Mathematical Roots/Math Roots
Adding à La Gauss

Window on Resources
Window on Resources - October 2004

Take Time for Action
Students' Strategies for Fair Shares