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October 2005, Volume 11, Issue 3


Giving Exponential Functions a Fair Shake
Jeffrey Wanko
Two problems involving exponential functions and basic probability. Eighth-grade students collect data in experiments with M&Ms and dice, then use graphing calculators to construct graphical representation of mathematical models and make connections between the general form of the exponential functions and real life problems.

Monkey Paws, English Pounds, and Leagues: Using Literature in the Middle School
Sherri Martinie, Cheryl Marcoux, Janet Stramel
Three lessons used in seventh and eighth grades that are built around a poem, a short story, and a young adult novel in a way to connect important mathematical ideas with the ideas presented in the literature. Besides of training of meaningful reading the lessons provide opportunities for students to apply proportional reasoning skills, explore linear relationships, calculate a unit rate, and find the relationship between the volume of a cylinder and a cone.

Using Tiered Lessons in Mathematics
Rebecca Pierce, Cheryll Adams
Describes differentiation and describes development of a differentiated instruction strategy through lessons tiered in readiness. Practical eight steps procedure is recommended for developing a tiered lesson plan. A sample of a tiered lesson is presented.