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October 2006, Volume 12, Issue 3


Measuring Tremendous Trees: Discovery in Action
Sheryl Maxwell
How students learned to measure tall objects using a clinometer and some basic calculations. It also explores an introductory activity sorting types of triangles. Includes directions for making a clinometer, sample activity sheets, and samples of student work.

Mathematics in the History of Civilization

This article, in honor of the 100th anniversary of Mathematics Teacher, touches briefly on mathematics and the history of mankind. It surveys the history of numbers and their practical uses, from early representations of integers and fractions to more recent developments of calculus and statistics. Reprinted from Mathematics Teacher 61 (February 1968).

Learning from Voices in Classrooms
Signe Kastberg, Wendy Otoupal-Hylton
Two teachers share what they learn from listening to students, both individually, and as a whole class. Examples of student thinking and comments are shared.

How to Buy a Car 101
Charity Flores
This article elaborates on the basics of problem-based learning units and tips for implementation. The problem-based learning unit described focuses on the course of action involved in purchasing a new car. Includes the question given to students, one example of student work, and the rubric used for assessment.

International Perspective: Beyond Su Doku
John Sharp
The mathematics underlying Sudoku puzzles, and an extension of the concept to other geometric shapes. This article was originally published in Infinity—Mathematical Puzzles and Diversions, a quarterly magazine from Tarquin in the United Kingdom. Includes puzzles similar to Sudoku puzzles, such as Latin squares, and solutions.