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October 2007, Volume 13, Issue 3


Integrating Literature and Mathematics: A Mysterious Connection
Jane Wilburne; Mary Napoli
A mathematics and literature interdisciplinary project that was implemented in several urban middle school classrooms. The project is based on the novel Chasing Vermeer by Balliett (2004), and involves a dramatization of one of the chapters from the book and a follow-up mathematical exploration.  Article effectively connects math topics with relevant literature.

A Look at the Development of Ratios, Rates, and Proportionality
Cathy Seeley; Jane Schielack
How to put the new NCTM publication, Curriculum Focal Points for Prekindergarten through Grade 8 Mathematics: A Quest for Coherence into practice.

Connecting Measurement and Architecture: Building an Inflatable
Elizabeth Gray; Denise Tullier-Holly
A joint effort between a mathematics educator and a middle school art teacher relating architecture and construction. Article starts with students designing and building scale models for a large inflatable and extends to building the structure on which they display their art. Article includes a list of materials and approximate costs.

Are We Golden? Investigations with the Golden Ratio
Stacy Reeder
A project-based learning experience investigating the golden ratio. Middle school students look at the "golden nature" of their bodies through measurement, data collection and proportional reasoning. An activity sheet is included.

Fermi Questions
Germaine Taggart; Paul Adams; Ervin Eltze; John Heinrichs; James Hohman; Karen Hickman
The use of Fermi questions as a problem-solving tool. A list of key questions are developed where estimations,  approximations and number sense are used to give a reasonable answer to the problem. Included is a sample Fermi question to investigate.

Metric Madness
Cindy Kroon
A metric board game for two to four players. Students review and practice metric vocabulary, measurement, and calculations by playing the game. Includes game board and cards.

The Coat Check Problem: A S(t)imulating Lesson
David Pagni
A simulation of the Coat Check problem, where four women check their coats which are returned at random. Students examine the experimental and theoretical probability of at least one woman getting her own coat back. Article includes suggestions for organizing the data.


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