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October 2009, Volume 15, Issue 3


Math in the Box
Mary DeYoung

Find out how to make an origami paper box and explore the algebra, geometry, and other mathematics that unfolds.

more4u-MTMS-100x23 Podcast from NCTM's 2010 Annual Meeting in San Diego, California
Learning Geometry from a Sheet of Paper
Presenters: Catherine Banks, Edith Hays

Cultivating an Area Model
Erik Tillema
A rich understanding of multiplying binomials can be developed by working through a series of concrete problems.

Capitalizing on the Unexpected
Susan Taber
When students use manipulatives, teachers can take advantage of their surprising solutions to engage the class in rich and productive mathematical discussions.

Building Numbers from Primes
Jerry Burkhart
Use building blocks to create a visual model for prime factorizations. Students can explore many concepts of number theory, including the relationship between greatest common factors and least common multiples.

A Worthwhile Task to Teach Slope
Lauren Wagener
Consider the possibilities when teaching slope. It is a fundamental algebraic concept that has connections to advanced mathematics and to the world outside the classroom.