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October 2013, Volume 19, Issue 3


Seeing Spots and Developing Multiplicative Sense Making
Gabriel T. Matney and Brooke N. Daugherty
Cans on a grocery store shelf and Hirst’s Capric Acid Amide can illustrate dot arrays, thus helping students understand the distributive property, partial products, and the standard algorithm for multiplication.

The Whole Story: Understanding Fraction Computation- FREE PREVIEW!
Juli K. Dixon and Jennifer M. Tobias
Anticipate and address errors that arise when fractions are placed in context and illustrated with models.

Responding to Students’ Work on a Rich Task
Emily G. Kuper and Patrick M. Kimani
Students engage in a fractions task involving 2/3 men and 3/5 women, and teachers analyze their thinking.

Multidimensional Teaching
Robert Q. Berry III and Mark W. Ellis
See how one seventh-grade teacher melds NCTM’s Process Standards, CCSSM’s Standards for Mathematical Practice, and multidimensional teaching to engage students.