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November 1999, Volume 5, Issue 3


Making Mathematics Real: The Boston Math Trail
Matthew M. Rosenthal and Clement K. Ampadu
A project in which students discover the mathematical side of Boston on a day-long field trip.

Socrates and the Three Little Pigs: Connecting Patterns, Counting Trees, and Probability
Denisse R. Thompson and Richard A. Austin
A popular children's book is the foundation for activities that introduce students to some basic ideas in probability.

Evaluating Instructional Materials
Jamal Bernhard, Melissa Mellissinos Lernhardt and Rose Miranda-Decker
Three teachers develop a set of evaluation criteria for content, technology and instructional tools, assessment, and teacher support in middle-grades instructional materials.

Mathematically Rich, Equitable Game Software
Megan Murray, Jan Mokros, and Andee Rubin
Characteristics of mathematically rich, equitable software for middle school students.