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November 2000, Volume 6, Issue 3


Listening to Middle School Students' Algebraic Thinking
John P. Smith III; Elizabeth A. Phillips
Students' work with linear and nonlinear relationships illustrates algebra skills and understandings important to introductory algebra.  Attending carefully to students' language helps us appreciate and support their early insights.

The Inka Quipu: Positional Notation on a Knotted Cord
Claudia Zaslavsky; Bianka Crespo
Exploration of the Inka data recording system of knotted cords called quipus reinforces students' understanding of place value. Activity sheets included.

Students' Building on One Another's Mathematical Ideas
Miriam Gamoran Sherin, David Louis and Edith Prentice Mendez
Encouraging students to use one another's ideas as a basis for thinking and learning about mathematics develops rich classroom discourse. A focus on "building" develops a classroom community.

An Assessment Model for the Mathematics Classroom
Barbara M. Moskal
Analyzing phases of the assessment sequence helps plan future instruction. Illustration of how an assessment event might occur in a classroom.