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November 2004, Volume 10, Issue 4


How Much Water Is in the Skating Rink?
Jerry Ameis
Activities for developing an understanding of a formula for calculating the volume of a rectangular prism. The core activity concerns determining the volume of water in a backyard skating rink. Teachers will learn about the logistics of the activity and see student work to help guide the teaching of this lesson.

Changing Views: Fearless Families Conquering Technology Together
Susan Hillman, Cathy Malotka
A workshop for parents and middle school students that clarifies an appropriate role for using hand-held technology in learning mathematics. The authors of this article describe teaching the parents and students about calculator use and the feedback they received from those in attendance.

The Value of Multiple Solutions
Richard Kalman
The classroom value of assigning good mathematical problems and especially of encouraging many different approaches to their solutions. Different problem solving strategies are explained to help teachers be better problem posers and to help students be better problem solvers.

Comparing Kisses
Susan Haller, Mary Richardson
Four hands-on activities that can be used to develop probabilistic and statistical thinking in the middle grades.