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November 2005, Volume 11, Issue 4


Mathematics of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Susan Taber
Exploration of a variety of mathematical themes embedded in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by its author mathematician Charles Dodgson. Sample student's worksheets connecting the book events with mathematics are presented and discussed in details.

Let's Do Math: Wanna Play?
Tisa Lach; Lynae Sakshaug
Results of an action research study of using commercial games in a fifth-grade class to facilitate teaching algebraic reasoning, spatial sense, and multistep problem solving. It includes a list of the games used and description of activities along with results of the initial and follow-up assessments of the effect produced by the twelve weeks study.

Spatial Visualization: What Happens When You Turn It?
Oscar Chavez, Robert Reys, Dusty Jones
Developing students' spatial visualization skills will greatly benefit their growth in mathematics. The article describes problems and findings resulted from the study on more than 2000 sixth graders. It includes also several possible practice activities.