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November 2006, Volume 12, Issue 4


Locusts for Lunch: Connecting Mathematics, Science, and Literature
Richard Austin, Denisse Thompson, Charlene Beckmann
Connects the three disciplines of mathematics, science, and literature while exploring how students computed tons of food consumed by both locusts and people. Includes two activity sheets and examples of student work.

A Model for Understanding Understanding in Mathematics
Edward Davis
What it means to understand understanding. Includes examples of questions that reach various levels of understanding concepts, generalizations, procedures, and number facts.

If I Only Had One Question: Partner Quizzes in Middle School Mathematics
Christopher Danielson, Michele Luke
Describes partner quizzes, presents a process for using them in classrooms, and discusses the work of several students on such a quiz. Includes one sample quiz on the topics of comparing and scaling, and examples of student work.

Counting Dots and Measuring Area: Rich Problems from Japan
Blake Peterson
A discussion of mathematics in terms of how Japanese students learn. Two rich, open-ended problems are presented; one involving patterns of dots and geometric and algebraic representations, and the other measuring the area of triangles and graphing piecewise functions. Includes sample solutions for the dot pattern activity and an activity sheet for the area and piecewise function problem.