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November 2009, Volume 15, Issue 4


Laying Siege to Parabolic Understanding
John Rick
An attack on a domino castle using a trebuchet is one way to help students storm a wall of understanding while learning about medieval mathematics.

Proof: Examples and Beyond
Eric Knuth, Jeffrey Choppin, Kristen Bieda
Asking middle school students to verify the math they do requires them to think about proof. By doing so, students construct arguments in the middle school and are more ready for proof in high school.

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Algebraic Reasoning through Patterns
F. D. Rivera, Joanne Becker
Findings, insights, and issues drawn from a three-year study on patterns are intended to help teach algebra.

Bursting with Geometry
Beth Cipoletti, Nancy Wilson
By building a Lithuanian sunburst star, students can explore a number of geometric relationships and enforce their mathematical vocabulary.

The Power of Incorrect Answers
Brittany Hoffman, M. Lynn Breyfogle, Jason Dressler
To bolster students’ ability to prove as well as develop mathematical argumentation skills, create an environment in which students must regularly explain and justify their thinking.