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November 2010, Volume 16, Issue 4


Put the Right Spin on Student Work
Robert E. Ely and Jessica Strowbridge Cohen
A compound probability task and rich classroom discussion promote high-level understanding.

Shifting Our Computational Focus
Jane M. Keiser
In the primary grades, as well as in the middle grades, students may spend more time on conceptual understanding.

Exploring Our Complex Math Identities
Keith R. Leatham and Diane S. Hill
Three reflective tasks for students at all levels help them and their teachers become more aware of their beliefs about mathematics.

van Hiele Revisited
M. Lynn Breyfogle and Courtney M. Lynch
To analyze students’ geometric thinking, use both formative and summative assessments and move students along the van Hiele model of thought.

See the Math Behind the Medicine
Marnie M. Saunders
To promote math and science, a researcher designed an activity to show students that biomedical fields are within their reach.