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December 1999, Volume 5, Issue 4


Reinventing Scrabble with Middle School Students
Robert J. Quinn and Lynda R. Wiest
Students explore frequency distributions using a popular board game. Lesson plan is included.

Genetics as a Context for the Study of Probability
Daniel J. Brahier
By learning to use the Punnett square, students develop a handy strategy for exploring probability. Activity sheets included.

Using Dragon Curves to Learn about Length and Area
Lyle R. Smith
Students learn to calculate area and perimeter of regions defined by dragon curves, which are randomly generated on small tiles.

How Do Students Think about Statistical Sampling before Instruction?
Victoria R. Jacobs
An exploration of misconceptions that students hold about sampling techniques on surveys and implications for instruction. Includes sample surveys.

Problem-Centered Mathematics Teaching
Sarah Theule Lubienski
Three teachers discuss problem-centered instruction.