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December 2000, Volume 6, Issue 4


Enriching Students' Mathematical Intuitions with Probability Games and Tree Diagrams
Leslie Aspinwall and Kenneth L. Shaw
Probability games and tasks to help students educate their primitive intuitions connected with the concept of "fairness" in the outcomes of compound events.

A Raisin in the Sun: Fostering Cultural Connections with a Classic Movie
Michaele F. Chappell and Denisse R. Thompson
Students engage in mathematical investigations based on a movie classic.  The purpose is to establish culturally relevant instruction. Includes activity sheets for post-viewing exercises.

Teaching Toward the Big Ideas of Algebra
Sonia Woodbury
Helping students connect ideas and procedures among different mathematical topics helps them build a relational understanding of algebra. The goal is teaching TOWARD the big ideas of mathematics.

Sumgo Here and Sumgo There
David E. Meel
A mathematical game using a bingo format allows students to explore the concepts of sample space, data interpretation, randomness, and theoretical probability, while practicing addition skills.

Three Balloons for Two Dollars: Developing Proportional Reasoning
Cynthia W. Langrall and Jane Swafford
Students develop proportional reasoning through problem solving.  Different types of proportion problems elicit different solution strategies.  Essential components of proportional reasoning are identified and recommendations made for instruction.