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December 2001, Volume 7, Issue 4


A Simple Solution...or Is It?
Arlene Yolles
Article presents various students' solutions to a rate problem. Student work is included.

Your Students' Images of Mathematicians and Mathematics
Susan H. Picker and John S. Berry
A discussion of the subliminal images that students might have of mathematicians. Includes a survey for collecting student impressions and attitudes toward math.

Using a Lifeline to Give Rational Numbers a Personal Touch
Wanda Weidemann, Alice K. Mikovch, and Jane Braddock Hunt
An activity in which middle school students and their parents construct a personal number line. Directions for the activity, sample student work, and a rubric are included.

Transition Toward Algebra
Maria L. Fernandez and Cynthia O. Anhalt
Article describes the Transition Toward Algebra Project, which helped grades 5-9 teachers enhance their mathematics teaching. Teachers engaged in problem solving, discovering relationships, and translating among mathematical representations.

From Description to Proof
Cornelis de Groot
Classroom vignettes to illustrate that middle grades students with developmentally different views of geometry stimulate each other's reasoning by externalizing mental images through modeling and discourse.