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December 2009, Volume 15, Issue 5


Getting a Bead on It
Beverly Ferrucci, Jennifer McDougall, Jack Carter
For a convenient, concrete way of showing linear equations and their key components, ask your students to string beads.

Stories about Never-Ending Sums
Alex Friedlander
Infinity and infinitely small numbers pique the curiosity of middle school students. Examples such as the story of Achilles and the Tortoise promote questions about domain, representations, and infinite sums—all of which may not get answered until students reach high school.

The Area Model of Multiplication of Fractions
Jenny Tsankova, Karmen Pjanic
The algorithm for multiplying proper fractions is often taught by leading students to notice patterns when finding part of a fractional part. An area-model approach will extend students’ understanding.

From Inductive Reasoning to Proof
David Yopp
When students learn strategies for identifying key ideas in inductive arguments, these ideas can be extended to provide more formal proofs.