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December 2010, Volume 16, Issue 5


Water Bottle Designs and Measures
Heather Gramberg Carmody
Open-ended projects will motivate your students to think at higher levels.

Dividing Fractions: What Is the Divisor’s Role?
Heather A. Coughlin
Cut out misconceptions by tying in the repeated-subtraction process.

A Professional Collaboration Model
Oliver F. Jenkins

Team planning is explored in light of information drawn from professional learning communities.

more4u-MTMS-100x23 Podcast from NCTM's 2011 Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana
A Professional Collaboration Model Furthering Grades K-8, Problem Based Instuction
Presenters: Annette Ricks Leitze, Oliver Jenkins

Multiplication Fact Fluency Using Doubles
Judith M. Flowers and Rheta N. Rubenstein
A sequence of mental math problems using reasoning can boost students’ understanding and confidence in performing multiplication.

Problem sets, tasks, and prompts