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February 2000, Volume 5, Issue 6


Should the U.S. Emulate Singapore's Education System to Achieve Singapore's Success in the TIMSS?
Ramakrishnan Menon
The author lists five possible reasons for Singapore students' success on TIMSS and poses questions to ponder.

From Tessellations to Polyhedra: Big Polyhedra
Blake E. Peterson
Students explore relationships among polygons to discover which combinations tessellate; which combinations form polyhedra. Activity sheets, and answers, included.

Why Is the Year 2000 a Leap Year?
Jesse L. M. Wilkins
Students investigate time measurement by studying a variety of calendars-past and present.

Christi Makes Sense of Sixth-Grade Mathematics
Candice L. Ridlon
A student discovers her power in mathematics through a problem-centered curriculum.