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February 2001, Volume 6, Issue 6


Algebraic Thinking through Origami
William, Higginson; Lynda, Colgan
The effects that changing the dimensions of two-dimensional objects has on the volume of related three-dimensional objects. Origami directions and lesson included.

Writing Tasks that Succeed
Werner W., Liedtke; Judith, Sales
A project in which middle grades students are asked to write in mathematics classes with the goal of determining if it changes their opinions of writing as an integral part of mathematics.

Statistics Fever
Linda M., Russo; Marian R. C., Passannante
A Statistics units in which students learn to determine factors related to their health while employing community resources and spreadsheet technology. Activity sheets are included.

Revisiting a Difference in Squares
David, Slavit
How to extend students' awareness of a common computational pattern into the realm of algebraic thinking through carefully selected and sequenced activities and guided discussion.